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Date: 7/20/2017 2:50 PM EDT

So you think that you’re taking care of your septic tank and being a careful homeowner, doing all you know to do to maintain your property. Suddenly and without warning, everything comes crashing to a halt.  But you don’t panic. Not you. Instead, you call your Septic Company.

The Septic Pumper guy opens your septic lid to investigate. You look in with him, because that’s you, and you can’t even see the liquid in the tank.  Roots have invaded the entire tank and the inlet pipe.  Roots are reaching out to the septic fields. Roots are everywhere.

How did this happen?

What does Herring do for this problem???

We advise you to move...maybe the next guy won’t know to get a Septic Inspection. Just kidding! Herring can handle this issue for you just like we would any septic issue you call us about.
So, what will Herring do to de-root your septic system?  We get busy!  We break out the saw-z-all, the hand saws and pruning shears. We pull out the loppers and bars.  Herring starts pulling at those feisty roots, cutting as we go, to release the roots that are holding on for dear life. We pull and pull those bad boys out of the area so we can complete our work.

At this point we assess the job to see where we are. Typically, all that is left to do is pump your septic  tank to get you flowing.  Fixing the immediate problem is important and we know how, you, the homeowner would feel.  You didn’t even know there was a problem and now you need to reach into your budget and spend money to have your tank pumped and deal with a costly, labor-intensive root removing service.

Here are some details about exactly what goes into a root removal job.  As described above just simply cutting and removing the roots could solve the problem but in many cases more extensive examination is need.  

Here are some things that you could be facing if you are having a root problem.

  1. The inlet pipe might be clogged completely and need replacing.
  2. The outlet pipe and maybe even the distribution box might need to be replaced, if roots have permeated these areas.
  3. As the roots are removed, parts of the tank like the baffles or even the side wall of the tank might come with the “hold on for dear life” roots.  This would result in the need for a new septic tank to be installed.
  4. The worst-case scenario, which we definitely don’t wish on our customers, is that the entire septic fields are infiltrated with roots and need to be relocated and rebuilt or replaced.

How do you avoid having these root-related problems?

The obvious way is to not plant trees and bushes near your septic tank and system but sometimes this is out of your hands.  You might have bought a home with landscaping in place that was not thought out properly.  Some trees are invasive and will find their way to your septic lines. 

To be proactive with trees near your septic system, make sure they are watered well and healthy so the roots do not seek out the wet, nutrient rich liquids that come through your septic system.

Make sure to tell your landscape company where your septic tank is before they begin your newly designed outdoor landscaping and living space.

Herring offers a landscape assessment option to be proactive about potential root issues. This could prevent very extensive and expensive repairs down the road.

In any case, Herring can help you deal with the root problems.  Give us a call.  845-226-5405

Have you ever had a root issue in your septic system? We'd love to hear about it.

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Date: 6/15/2017 3:31 PM EDT

Written by Sharon Herring, CEO Herring Sanitation Service, Inc.

At a recent event in Fishkill, NY – our home town - Herring Sanitation rented Portable Toilets out to
an event manager for a local Bike Rally. We were not given the number of expected attendees, which is something we typically collect when getting the event details. When the Event Manager placed the order, she rented 4 Standard Portable Toilet units, so we delivered 4 Standard Portable Toilet units. The reason we get a lot of information when booking a Portable Toilet rental is that the details are important…especially the number of units that might be needed for an event. Herring uses a formula based on number of attendees and hours of the event to determine the proper number of units needed for the event, to ensure there is enough capacity to handle the entire load. This is not a place you want to skimp to save a few dollars, believe me.

On this particular weekend, the office at Herring kept getting calls to come back and clean the units. As it turned out the attendance dictated that there should have been 12 Standard Portable Toilet units for this event, not 4. Uh Oh!!!!

The results were that Herring Sanitation had units out on the site and they were filthy. How filthy can a portable toilet get? Well, use your imagination. When people can’t sit down because it is too full, but stand on the toilet instead and squat and miss, can you imagine the calls we get?

Not only were the attendees not happy, but our service men were not happy. Guess who got to hear it all from both sides. Our Portable Toilet Division Manager. It makes for a disaster of an event.

Lesson Learned. Now, Herring ALWAYS ensures to ask for the number of attendees when booking any Portable Toilets. Even when Event Managers have years of experience and have ordered from us before, we still ask. As everyone involved learned from this experience, you can’t be too thorough. Please, when ordering units think ahead and avoid the scenario in this story. It will help you avoid upset guests, embarrassed hosts and additional costs for cleaning trips.

Help Herring keep our reputation as the Cleanest Portable Toilets around!

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Date: 4/6/2017 12:43 PM EDT

Is it ok to flush wet wipes down the toilet when you have a septic system? Well, it has been 4 years since I wrote a blog about how these little monsters clog up pumps and septic lines. So I thought it was time for an update, since we just had another job this week with wet wipes as the main issue.  In my original blog post,  I even posted nasty looking photos… but I guess people think it won’t happen to them.  The fact is, these wet wipes form large clogs around the baffles in your septic tank and get caught up on any imperfections in your waste lines.  Wet wipes can bring your family to a grinding halt as far as using your bathrooms or laundry facilities.

The crews at Herring have been in many basements and crawl spaces where pipes have leaked out at the pipe joints.  The cause is often wet wipes. Imagine waste all over your floor, furniture, and all the stuff you keep down there.  This can be a costly, messy and smelly problem.

Check out my photo showing a package of one brand of these wipes. Notice that they claim to be ‘Flushable and Septic Safe’.  The truth is they will flush, but they may cause clogs in your toilet, your pump fins, your waste lines or even in your septic tank baffles.

The big question is, “Do they ever dissolve?”. The manufacturer claims that they dissolve just like toilet paper. Towns and counties spend millions dealing with this issue in sewer pipes and plants – from installing grinders to replacing broken pumps. Truth is, they may dissolve eventually, but your septic system is dealing with it until that happens. So you’re playing a game of chicken between the wipes and the pipes. And then the bill comes. Nobody ever likes that.

I know using wet wipes to clean up in the restroom is an embarrassing subject but hey! Herring’s goal is not to talk about it with our customers.  We do not need to grill you or get details, for heaven’s sake.  Our goal is not to embarrass you. Herring’s goal is to save you the problems and some money, believe it or not.  Herring’s goal is to educate you, the consumer.

So why are these wipes such a problem.  For one thing, NOBODY admits using them and definitely NEVER admit to flushing them.  Never Never!!!

Get your imagination working.  There we have our Herring workers out there to handle these backups…standing in ankle deep wastewater in a basement, pulling wet wipes out of the septic pipes.  Still the customer insists “We don’t use wet wipes”.  As Herring is finishing up the job, making sure every toilet works, guess what is sitting on back of the toilet.  A package of WET WIPES!  You can’t make this stuff up.  See the photo!!!!   >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Trust me.  Herring doesn’t judge.  Hey we pump poop for a living.  We do, however, laugh. Sorry!  But we don’t really care if you use wet wipes. Use wipes!  Use all the wipes you feel you need…but place them in the trash can! That’s where they belong.  Not in the toilet!  Save yourself the money and trouble.  Please note that the trash can is also where feminine products should be put.

People are funny.  Some of our customers get angry at us for what is found in their waste lines.  Herring is there to solve your septic problems.  We were not present when you started having them.  It is not our fault.  And please remember, we are not being nosey, as one woman called us, for looking into what is causing the problem.  Herring is trying to offer you a solution so this problem does not repeat itself.

So that's the story about WET WIPES.  Wasn’t that enjoyable. NOT!  Just remember it and don’t flush the flushable wipes. OK?

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Date: 11/8/2016 11:00 AM EST

Last week, I showed you some of my favorite toilet paper patterns as some great stocking stuffer gift ideas. 

Here are some fun toilet paper dispensers that can add some flare to the bathrooms of your gift recipient list. 

What's your favorite?

Kissing Fish Toilet Paper Holder. About $15 at, Rakuten and Ebay. Colorful with a little coral in the background and a blue ocean floor. Fun whimsical and oh so fishy!

Golden Lion Toilet Paper Holder in Gold Leaf. About $80 to $100 at, Amazon and Wayfair. It adds a fancy and regal flare to any powder room. This is a perfect gift for your fancy friends who have everything.

Black Bear Helping Hand Toilet Paper Holder. About $20 at, and AliBaba. For a bear collector, enthusiast or hunter you can't go wrong with this fun hanging holder. 

Deer Antler Toilet Paper Holder. From about $18, it hangs on the wall and holds one role of toilet paper. For the hunters and collectors of deer head mounts. Sells at, Hobby Lobby and 

Hickory Manor Westy Toilet Paper Holder. From $70, the hand cast pecan resin stand alone holder will impress. Plus it's adorable. Perfect for your Westy fans, dog fans and friends with white themed bathrooms. At, Wayfair and Quill.

Seasonal Dog Toilet Paper Holder. This stand alone toilet paper holder has on an adorable Santa suit - hat + scarf + jingle bell accents - all removable so your holder can be used all year round. Around $12 from, Collections and Ebay.

Strong Man Toilet Paper Roll. It holds two rolls and comes in lots of colors like black, orange, red and purple. It can sit on the back of the toilet or on a shelf. Great for your fitness buffs. Around $20 from Amazon and Ebay.

Double Revolver Gun Belt Wall Mounted Toilet Paper Holder. For your favorite cowboy and cowgirl. Western inspired bathrooms will be perfectly finished with this piece., Ebay and Amazon all carry it for around $30.

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Date: 11/1/2016 11:00 AM EDT

Here are some great gift ideas for the person on your list that has everything! How about some novelty toilet paper? 

Here are my favorite - 

Bio Hazard Toilet Paper - Available as a great gag gift from $8 to $11 from stores like Spencer Gifts, Ebay and Amazon. Make sure recipient has a sense of humor.

Joe Cartoon Toilet Paper - 
Available from for about $2 per roll. There are multiple cartoons so you never know which one you'll get.

MONEY! Toilet Paper - 
Feel rich every time you go by wiping your butt with hundreds. Available at and Ebay

Camouflage Toilet Paper -
From $5 per roll and perfect for the boys on your list. Available at Amazon, Cabellas and Bass Pro Shops.

Multi Game Toilet Paper - What do you do when your phone is on the charger? How about a quick maze? Available at AliExpress and Amazon.

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Date: 9/19/2016 3:47 PM EDT

                                                                                             by Sharon B Herring

Leaving my office the other evening, I came upon a big lumbering guy walking around his old box truck parked at the end of our business property.  Seven months ago Herring Sanitation purchased a beautiful piece of land with an old home that was being used as an office, and has 6 acres.  We did research on the property and knew a woman by the name of Helen Schlegel had owned the property, three owners ago.  On this Thursday evening I pulled my car up to this guy and said guardedly ‘Can I help you?’.  As it turns out this lumbering guy was David Hunt. He was looking all around as if he was lost and then he spoke. He said, ‘My Grandma was Helen Schlegel and I used to play all over this property as a child’.  My quick response was to hop out of the car and introduce myself.  I proudly told him that I knew who Helen Schlegel was.  I offered him a tour of the house and property and watched as his smile got big.  I drove him back up to our office with my husband in his pickup following close behind my car.

This man was so sweet.  As we entered the house his eyes lit up.  We were in what we use as the conference area or break room.  It has a weird wall and he went right up to it, touched it and said.  ‘This wall has always been here.  The TV used to be there and we would sit here in the summer and watch TV’.  My husband and I knew instantly how lucky we were to have David Hunt in the building and telling us all these fond memories.  We didn’t speak, we just listened.

As we entered the kitchen and he gazed around he relayed that the kitchen lay out was the same.  Then we entered what was his Grandpa’s room.  He let out the sweetest sound as he said, ‘My Grandpa used to sleep here.  His bed was there’.

Moving down the hall past the bathroom, David rushed into the next room.  He looked around at what is our call center and he took it all in.  When he spoke he said with love, ‘This was my Grandmas room and her bed was there and do you know what is weird?  You look just like my Grandma when she was younger’.  That’s when I got the chills.  How sweet is that!  (Please note, he said ‘When She Was Younger’.  LOL!  I’m 66 years old.  I really don’t have any problem looking like someone’s Grandma, especially when they are remembering her with such love in their eyes and voice.) 

As we entered what was the main living room of the home which now is the main office area, David again started speaking tenderly.  ‘Oh this was the living room and the TV was in that corner.  I sat right here and watched when President Kennedy was assassinated.’   Jim and I felt like we entered a time warp.  It was fantastic.  

Jim, David and I then moved out doors as he described his childhood of running and playing out across the property and how his Grandpa picked up a rock one day and a copperhead struck out to bite David’s leg.  His Grandpa saved him by killing the snake. He put it in a jar full of alcohol because his Grandpa did things like that.  We all laughed.  He spoke of the big deer that used to roam the property and of being 5 and a little tyke and then growing and learning from his Grandpa.  David then turned and looked at me seriously and said again, ‘You look so much like my Grandma.  You being here; this was meant to be’.  (Yes! Goose Bumps Again!)

This is where it got really interesting for us.  David spoke of how his Grandpa would argue with the neighbors when the neighbors didn’t want him to drive his big truck down the driveway used by them but that his Grandpa owned.  David said his Grandpa was that kind of man that would stand up to anyone giving him a problem or yelling at him.   David spoke of how his Grandpa used to march right up to this man and get into big arguments about this man’s house being on his Grandpa’s property. 

Time is repeating itself. 

Herring is having the biggest problem with the current neighbors.  It is the same problem the David's Grandpa had way back in the 60’s.  That was when we took out our property plans and confirmed to David that his Grandpa was correct. The house and driveway are on this property. David was touched to actually see this on paper.  He understood his Grandpa a little better.  It was interesting that the current neighbors don’t want us to use our driveway nor our property.  The three of us were amazed that this argument has survived decades. Let’s hope this can be settled once and for all and we can live peacefully now for generations to come. Fingers crossed!

We tucked all that talk of problems away and went back to enjoying the reminiscing. David spoke of his Grandpa’s business ventures and of all the old cars he parked in the back.  He spoke of his big aluminum truck coming in and out of the property.  Jim told him of his sightings of the car frames in the back.

David’s visit ended too quickly as Jim and I could have listened to him tell his stories of his Grandpa and Grandma for hours.  It’s obvious that he loved them dearly.

Jim and I were sure to welcome David back to visit whenever he wants to.  We took advantage of a simple visit and ended up so much wealthier. 

Relating this story to people, it soon became apparent to me that I needed to write it down.  Hope you enjoyed it. 

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Date: 8/30/2016 4:01 PM EDT

We recently read question on the Mercury News Animal Life about flushing cat poop down the toilet.

The question was, "DEAR JOAN: I was talking recently with a new acquaintance and she mentioned that she doesn't use a clumping cat littler so that she can just flush the feces down her toilet. I thought that was a no-no. Am I wrong?

She was concerned that maybe she was doing something wrong and I told her I'd write you to find out. Brooke Taylor, Walnut Creek"

The reply from Joan Morris is below and quite informative. But we wanted to give Sharon Herring, CEO of Herring Sanitation, an opportunity to weigh in as well.

Here's Sharon's reply: 

In over 43 years in the Septic Business, I can not tell you the amount of times Herring Service men have been called out to homes because of Kitty Litter Clogs.

I know it's easy. The Cat just took a dump in the clean Kitty Litter Box in the bathroom, just as soon as all the cleaning supplies were put away. So what are you going to do? Let it smell with the scooper right within reach? Of course're better than that. So you take care of it. You plop it right in the toilet within arm's reach. Nobody will even know about it.

A short time later, your teenage son barrels in with his buddies and they raid the refrigerator! Bathroom visits come soon after and guess what happens... NOTHING! I mean literally nothing is moving. Nothing is flushing. Nothing is flowing.

So what happened? Kitty Litter happened. See the problem is, that Kitty Litter clumps (in fact they boast about this fact right on the bag). It turns into a cement-like consistency and becomes a solid force to deal with. Try as you might, your husband, drain cleaner, plunger - nothing makes any headway.

So you call Herring. Regular Hand Snakes and even most Electric Snakes can't handle Kitty Litter Clogs. Water Jetting is usually the solution and a firm lecture about not putting Kitty Litter in the drain follows shortly after. Most people don't repeat this mistake but there are some cat lovers that need to repeat it at least twice.

Now I made this all sound as simple as possible but some people never admit their dastardly deed of flushing Kitty Litter. Herring responds to the call, snakes the line and gets you flowing only to have another clog happen soon after. If we don't know about the Kitty Litter, we don't know to remove it and it ends up lining the bottom of the pipes, soon to create the same issue again.

This is usually when the angry call comes in saying Herring didn't do the job right. Herring heads out again, discovers the Kitty Litter with a more thorough inspection and jetting and all is resolved.

There are times when the Kitty Clog is so solid nothing will bust through. In those instances, the only solution is to remove the pipes and replace them. The cost of water jetting and replaced pipes can get pretty costly. Definitely not worth paying to save yourself a few steps to the garbage.

The lesson to be learned is nothing goes in a toilet but what comes out of your body and toilet paper, DEFINITELY NOT KITTY LITTER.

Here' is Joan's reply quoted from the Mercury News article:

"DEAR BROOKE: Cat poop, with or without accompanying litter, is on a surprisingly long list of things that should not be flushed down the toilet. There's a good reason for that.

Cat feces can contain Toxoplasma gondii, nasty parasites that can cause all sorts of health problems in susceptible humans -- pregnant women and those with compromised immune systems -- as well as in marine life. Wastewater treatment does not remove the parasite and so it can get into the water supply." Read the rest of the reply and the full article here.

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Date: 7/11/2016 10:44 AM EDT

by Stinky Winky

Where do the really good ideas come from? Inspiration is a funny thing...and sometimes the place inspiration comes from is funny too.

Recently, I had just that happen. One of Herring's awesome staff was talking to his half-awake wife. He asked her if she had set her Fit Bit to sleep-mode. And she said - yes she had reset her Shit Fit. When he told me this story the next morning I thought - that's what America needs!

All the articles, news, videos, books out there want to make sure you know what your poop says about your health. So why not get a high-tech device you can wear on your wrist to help you with this daunting task.

Is it the right shape - color - consistency? What does it mean if it's green? Based on these articles, you should be evaluating every dump you take...every movement you make...every bond you break...every single day - you'll be watching your poo...

Introducing the solution to this problem. Every American should want one. It brings gamification into your BMs. It's easy enough to use, even your potty-training children should have one.

The digital read out lets you enter your poo's time, size, color and shape. Just click the "New Poo" button when you are done going and in just a moment, you have all the info entered. The white button sends a report directly to your registered Proctologist. We are adding new Doctors to our database daily. 

The adjustable band will work for every wrist. Who needs an Apple Watch when you can have a Shit Fit!

If you're poo isn't healthy, then neither are you. So track your poo to a healthier you!

Check out my commercial, just released. I have a Kickstarter campaign to raise money to put this prototype into production and my goal is to have it ready for store shelves by the Holiday season. So help me out by watching, sharing and liking my Shit Fit commercial. Let's get the Shit Fit onto the arms of every American!

*This is a spoof product and does not exist. If it did would you buy it? How much would you pay? 

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Date: 7/6/2016 9:49 AM EDT

by Stinky Winky

I have been known to play a game or two on Words with Friends. Ok, I admit it I am obsessed! But I play under an assumed name so I don't get in trouble at work so don't look for me.

You may know you're playing a game with me if you see a lot of Stinky words. So I thought it was high-time I shared my favorites!

I always try to use words with a H, J, K, Q, V, W, X, Y, Z because they have 4-10 points each. But that's not always possible.

Here are my favorites based on point range and in point order:

3-9 points

Ass 3 points
Anal 4 points
Log 4 points
Butt 6 points
Dung 6 points
Odure 6 points
Colon 7 points
Egesta 7 points
Fart 7 points
Waste 8 points
Manure 8 points
Poop 8 points
Rectal 8 points
Rump 8 points 
Dump 9 points
Flatus 9 points
Intestine 9 points

10-15 points

Feces 10 points
Septic 10 points
Herring 11 points
Secretion 11 points
Diarrhea 12 points
POOhed 12 points
POOntangs 12 points
POOved 12 points
Cesspools 12 points 
POOfy 12 points
Stinky 13 points (my favorite!)
ShamPOO 14 points
Cheeks 15 points
Droppings 15 points
Evacuation 15 points
Flatulence 15 points 
PekePOO 15 points

16-25 points

Constipation 16 points
Excreta 16 points
Feculence 16 points
POOftahs 16 points
Raspberry 16
Ejecta 17 points
Proctologist 17 points
CockaPOO 18 points
SPOOkinesses 18 points
Hemorrhoid 19 points
Colonoscopy 20 points
Excrement 20 points
POOrmouthing 20 points
Ejectamenta 22 points
NincomPOOPeries 23 points

What are your favorite words for Words with Friends and Scrabble?

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Date: 6/29/2016 2:07 PM EDT

Written by Trista Polo

Sharon Herring, owner of Herring Sanitation, recently took a trip to Italy with Husband and co-owner Jimmy Herring. They saw amazing sites - ate delicious food - drank wonderful drinks!

It may not surprise you to find out that Sharon had a unique perspective on her trip. She noticed all the different and unique ways Italy deals with public restroom access. Sharon shares it today, on the heals of the Huffington Post article about bathrooms around the world (summarized below).

Here's Sharon's Italy experience as viewed from the bathrooms -

Of course when you're traveling, bathrooms are very important and a highlight - Right? Well I found myself taking photos of interesting ones as we traveled around Italy, some of which I spent more time in than I intended. I got locked in. Yes! in more than one, actually more than five. My husband, Jimmy, had standing instructions that if I didn't come right back he had to come looking for me!

Here are some of the bathrooms I spent time in -

ROME - Colonna
Interesting sink. Had to pump the water if you wanted to wash your hands and after being in this bathroom you certainly wanted to wash your hands (of course in a different sink)

ROME - Monti
Some parts of Rome were beautiful and some parts not so much in fact some were Disgusting - And No Toilet Seat again. Some times you need to sit. Sorry - not sitting in this room.

ROME - Historical Center
This was the first hotel we stayed in while in Rome - the Hotel Taormina. It was tiny but beautiful and spotlessly clean. Just don't drop the soap in the shower.

ROME - One of the Many Places We Walked!
After walking and walking our way around Italy, we had lots of opportunities to stop in a restroom. Almost always there was a long climb down a thin stairway to find one. This was a beautiful flight of stairs down to one of the many toilets. Don't be deceived with the beauty because at the foot of this beautiful stairway, you end up in a dungeon of a basement - dark, grimy, red - to find a grimy, dirty, small bathroom. Don't judge a toilet by its stairway.

FLORENCE - Leon d'Oro
What were they thinking at the Via Bonifazio Lupi 7 hotel room private bath?
Beautiful room. Nice tile. Nice porcelain. So happy! And then after you're finished on the toilet where is the toilet paper? ALL the way across the room. OH YEAH! GOOD PLANNING!

This is a bathroom where YOU better plan ahead because the designer did not.

FLORENCE - Near the Duomo
How can the owner of a Potable Toilet Company go exploring the world and not pause to check out the Portable Toilets that are in other parts of the world.  The answer: She can't!

VENICE - Cannaregio
When a couple of not-so-young chickens walk all over Venice... and I mean walk and walk... and then find this restroom in their hotel room...Honestly, if it has a place to sit, shower and shave we would have been happy. And look - absolutely beautiful! Our expectations were well exceeded. Thank you Ai Mori d'Oriente Hotel for making us feel so at home!

VENICE - Cannaregio
What a delightful restroom I found in a restaurant in Venice!  BUT do you see the hand handheld bidet in a restroom? Who would use that? If so - how would you use it? Take off your underwear and pants in the public restaurant bathroom? And then if you did decide to indulge, how do you dry yourself off? Great look and idea but not happening. Still, it was nice and clean and eye pleasing.  

VENICE - Rio Delia Misericordia
Here's a bathroom from the Rio Delia Misericordia. Notice there is no toilet seat or any way to flush. There is something behind the toilet but it doesn't flush. I tried. I pushed and pulled everything I could. There was a way to CLEAN the toilet...but I never did figure out how to FLUSH the toilet. I searched high and low.

When I exited the bathroom, of course someone was waiting so there was no getting around what had just gone on in there. At that point, you just hold your head high and thank you lucky stars you'll never see them again.

When Sharon returned to the US her first experience - a clean and touchless sink in a clean bathroom.

For the full scoop on international travel and bathrooms, you can read the Huffington Post article, "Everything You Need to Know About Bathrooms Around the World," by Carla Herreria. There's a great infographic with all the important scoop - 

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